Business Model

Business Model Business Model Business Model

Business Model


The main operator (who hires the site before it is built) determines the search ring where a base radio is required. A long-term rental contract is signed for the space in the tower and on the floor.

Characteristics of the contract

  • Long-term private document, typically 10 to 15 years with voluntary renewable extensions of 5 years.
  • Fixed monthly income determined by:
    • Vertical space of tower by X quantity – dimensions – location of radiofrequency and microwave antennas.
    • Site location
    • Square meters on the floor for transmission equipment.
    • Variable rental cost per plot determined by the number of customers installed in the tower.
    • Determination of unit prices for additional equipment to be installed in the future (if required).


The GME towers are manufactured with the capacity to house equipment of 1, 2, 3 sets of antennas per operator.

Opportunity for operators to expand the antenna load in the tower as well as the operator network, due to:

  • Expansion of coverage to new suburban developments
  • Improve quality of service to current users (due to excess traffic)
  • Renewal of technology
  • Improvement of “overlap” or “handover”