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Active Tower



It is a vertical structure built on a small property or land, installed to support multiple wireless operators who use different technologies such as telephony, mobile data, television and radio content transmission, and localization. These wireless operators rent vertical space in the tower and lots of space on the floor to install their equipment.


The owner of the infrastructure rents under a long-term contract:

  • Tower
  • Space on the Floor

Mobile operators are responsible for:

  • Antennas installed in the tower
  • Equipment on the floor


Friendly structures to the urban landscape, typically from 24m to 45m high.


Also known as self-supported, common heights of 30m to 60m.


They are also called vented towers, the heights from 12m but more common 75m.


Wide variety in height, type and style, basically used to harmonize the site with the urban environment.


Place in the Tower

  1. Panel Antennas: Equipment of the client or guest that transmits signal from the tower to a mobile device or vice versa.
  2. Microwave Disk: Antenna that is used for data transmission from point to point. The wireless operators use them for backhaul.
  3. Coaxial cable: these are transmission lines that carry the signal received by the antenna to the transmission base and vice versa.
  4. Ports of entrance: they are holes in the structure that allow the cables to pass from the interior to the exterior, from the base to the antenna.


BTS Base: It is the area within the site and next to the tower where guests rent space to locate their communication, radio and network equipment.

Enclosure: area in concrete or gravel, closed by a panel wall or grid, where the tower is installed to the center for rent.

Power panel: The cabinet and electrical appliances where the main power source is connected.

Distribution Example

Property of GME and granted in rent:

  • Roof, Monopole or Triangular Tower: the towers are generally manufactured to support teams of 3 operators.
  • Land or property where the tower is located, typically leased in the long term to a third party.

GME is responsible for compliance with the rules and codes in the construction and operation of the site, it also guarantees 24hrs access during the 7 days of the week.

Operator property:

  • Panel antennas and microwaves, as well as feeder cables.
  • Transmission equipment located in the base.
  • The operator is responsible for its operation and maintenance.