Rapid Deployment Site

Also called ‘Non-Intrusive Site’, ‘Pre-fabricated Site’ or ‘Quick Site’, these provide a complete wireless site as a kit of parts which can be assembled and readied for use, often within a day, using mini-piles and without wet concrete. Site One is an industry leader in these very cost-effective site solutions and offers a broad range suitable for towers, monopoles, treemasts and similar structures. They are also available as expandable, modular units and can be used as temporary sites.

  • Fully reusable
  • All piles tested following installation
  • Can be used as temporary or permanent sites – no conversion or modification required
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Complete kit supplied – base unit with piles, fence, gate, tower and cabin(et) interfaces, ducts, earthingetc
  • Suitable for most structure types up to 30m
  • Appearance of a conventional site
  • Very cost-effective for both supply and construction
  • Steel galvanised to BS EN 1461

We offer supply only or supply and install to suit your requirements. We can also provide designs to suit your requirements if our standard products are not suitable.

Using the piles brings additional benefits:

  • The pile used is a small helical pile which can be installed using a handheld compressed-air-powered tool, so no heavy machinery
  • The pile is suitable for most ground conditions apart from medium to hard rock
  • The components for the site and installation tools can be transported in a van or 4×4
  • The site is available in ‘knock-down’ form so that all components can be carried and assembled by a 2-man crew with no lifting equipment
  • Piles can be easily removed

Minipile foundation – where it is difficult to get trailers to a site or a semi-permanent structure is required, this may be the answer. A telescopic mast can be assembled onto a three or four leg steel frame and minipiles are driven into the ground using hand held tools. All parts can be carried to site and bolted together, if required, offering a very cost effective, flexible solution. This can also be used as a permanent foundation.