Guyed Towers are designed for Cellular, Microwave, point-to-point and broadband communication.
All designs are according to CSA-S37  or  EIA/TIA-222 specifications. Other specifications will be met upon request.

GME Telecom guyed towers are designed in following categories:

– Solid members all-weld sections; this is to minimize the structure projected area against wind and      structural rigidity to reach higher elevations. The tower face-widths are 16″ (SR-16), 20″ (SR-20), 24″ (SR-24) are most used designs. SR-30, SR-36 and SR-42 are made per customers specification.

– Tubular leg guyed towers are designed and made per customer’s specification.

– Angular guyed towers, GV series, legs are made of 60 degree bent angles to minimize shipping volume in knock down form.



  • Fall Arrest Safety System
  • Obstruction Lighting
  • Anti Climb Shields
  • Ice Shields
  • Grounding Kits
  • Access Ladders, Step Bolts, Safety Hoops